"I just gave him his final warning."



"Really?" Shiva’s eyebrows raised.  "I assume you’ve taken care of its body, too?"

"What am I, new? ‘course."

"So, why did you feel the urge to drop by my safe house, then?"

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"I just gave him his final warning."

"Really?" Shiva’s eyebrows raised.  "I assume you’ve taken care of its body, too?"

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Crime themed starter sentences


Includes drug and violence tw, a mix of which muse is the criminal, if not both.

  • “Your mother would be ashamed of you.”
  • “C’mon, the cops are stupid, they’ll never catch us.”
  • “The car’s a piece of junk anyway, they’re not gonna miss it.”
  • “Carry on the way you’re going and you’re gonna end up in prison.”
  • “I’m not that much of a scumbag, I don’t steal from old ladies.”
  • “One last score, then we’re out of the game, what do you say?”
  • “I’m only doing this because I need to pay my dealer.”
  • “Prison? Occupational hazard.”
  • “They pissed me off, I made sure they won’t be walking for a while, no biggie.”
  • “So you’re a drug runner or a drug dealer?”
  • “Prison ain’t too bad, you’ve got a bed and they feed you.”
  • “I get all tingly when you break into cars like that.”
  • “I do it for the thrill – and to fund my drug habit.”
  • “Did you kill him/her?”
  • “I never meant to hurt anyone!”
  • “I needed the money, what else could I do.”
  • “We grew up around criminals, of course we became them.”
  • “What kind of example are you setting for your kids?”
  • “I grew up, you probably should too.”
  • “He had it coming.”
  • “I just gave him his final warning.”
  • “I’m calling the cops!”
  • “I’m passionate about two things, bank robbery and you.”
  • “I’m a street rat, but I’m good at it.”
  • “Dealing in an alley, classy as ever.”
  • “If you don’t have my money, you know I’m going to have to teach you a lesson.”
  • “Bonny and Clyde made this look so much more glamorous.”
  • “One day we’ll be rich and we won’t have to do this anymore.”
  • “That’s not your wallet is it?”
  • “So I got in a fight, they owed me money.”
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"Well, tell the League thanks for the heads up ——” Selina spoke smoothly, her jaw set and firm as she looked back through the half light. “I don’t need a contract to take out the trash, so I won’t sign on any dotted line. I don’t need payment either ——”

"You must be mistaken.  The League didn’t wish to contract you; I was sent here to insure the robbery would prove unsuccessful," Shiva stated coolly.

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"So you’re not so much asking for your help because you need me — you’re saying Ra’s al Ghul is afraid of treading on my toes?” Of course that isn’t the case — Selina isn’t an idiot but it’s a nicer way of admitting she knows that they just don’t want to get involved if they don’t have to. The suggestion they need her help? Ridiculous. Her eyes roll underneath the dull lenses of her goggles as she smiles back towards the assassin with a saccharine politeness. 

"I don’t know whether to be flattered or worried, Shiva. How about you lay all of this out and set my mind at ease.”

"Both are appropriate," Shiva remarked.  "We’ve gathered intelligence that the Foundation is being hit, and the League believes you are the best person to approach on the matter, judging by your relationship with the Foundation.”

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criminal minds --- sentence meme


  • I thought I was calling the office of supreme genius.
  • Well, gorgeous, you’ve been rerouted to the office of too frickin’ bad.
  • Try to look less official.
  • Medical school, schmedical school!
  • You ready to do some work?
  • Why not? I haven’t slept this week,…
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Halloween is coming up soon. Send me an ask with what you think my muse should dress up as.

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"Mhm…" The motion wasn’t lost on Helena, and she could guess the woman was going for a weapon, but that was perfectly fine when she had hers strapped to her hip.

Shiva eyed Huntress’ crossbow warily.  Considering all the possible outcomes.  Maybe drawing the sais this soon would be rash.

"I assume you came for a reason, correct?"

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Really?" Shiva asked, mock shock in her tone.  "Even if a large charitable organization suffers a massive robbery?  I’m sure that’d put the Foundation back several million dollars.  Money, I believe, you put there yourself, correct?”

"So you’re telling me you know something I don’t? I know where my hard earned cash goes —- I know where it stays….” The wave of irritation that lay over her words only served to show exactly how worried Selina was, even if it translated more like frustration. 

Why does it concern you so much?

"Ra’s al Ghul has resources far beyond petty street thug informants," Shiva remarked.  "The people benefiting from the robbery is Kobra.  Kobra is an international terrorist organization; their plans for the world differ from the Master’s.  Bottom line: the League of Assassins want to prevent this robbery as much as you."

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Headcanon Meme Time!


⌆ a nervous tic or habit they do

⏀ describe their usual smile

⇅ do they look up or down while thinking?

❧ describe their usual sleeping position

✑ describe something they like without naming it

✜ what’s their posture like in a normal situation?

❖ describe their hands

❞ write a quote they would find themselves saying

§ how would their hair gray? or would they lose their hair first?

❤ describe how they show affection.

✭ what is one of their favorite items?

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